Recovery Curriculum Term 3

How Do We Find the Truth?

In an online world that we demand more of, and demands more from us, how can we navigate the almost infinite sources of information? Through our curriculum subjects, we have looked at the implications of the truth and how we get there.

An entire half term online; the children have risen to the challenge. Through historical study groups, to online meetings and tours, we have supported live and recorded lessons to enrich the curriculum as much as possible.

KS1 - Year 1/2

Year 2 have been 'finding the truth' about the Great Fire of London and information published online.

They also enjoyed expressing themselves and spreading positivity on Reflection Day!

LKS2 - Year 3/4


The children in Year and 4 created Anderson Shelters for their DT project. They began their project by researching Anderson Shelters, focusing on what their purpose. After this, they experimented building models of Anderson Shelters using different medias, including Lego and computer programmes. The next step was to design their Anderson Shelters. They created labelled drawings and wrote step-by-step instructions. Once this was complete, the children built their shelters following their design plan before evaluating their product.


Over the term, Year 3 and 4 learnt about different areas of WW2 through a combination of engaging PowerPoints and videos, as well as guest speakers Mr Chamberlain and Sergeant Down. They learnt about the impact WW2 had on their local area and were encouraged to interview family members to gauge their experiences from the war. Their final piece of work was to use a range of historical sources and evidence to present an information poster on WW2.

Safer Internet Day

As part of SID, Year 3 and 4 investigated the motive behind online advertising, including unboxing and giveaways. As part of their task, the children created their own adverts and videos to persuade the viewer to buy their product!


Year 3 & 4s computing project this term was to combine their love of reading and computing to create a website called ‘Reading Power’. Over the course of 6 weeks, the children created a website, learnt to add pages, wrote and inserted book reviews, learnt to create online quizzes and create book covers using Adobe Spark! Here are some of our websites!





UKS2 - Year 5/6

Computing / DT

This term we combined our skills and knowledge from Computing and DT to create and develop a Mary Rose model and a ‘How To’ guide to support the making of it. We used the website Book Creator to create our guide. (I have attached the supporting files)


We learnt about the reliability of evidence and how much we should rely on secondary or primary sources of information. We finished the term with a ‘study group’ session where we broke out into virtual project groups and were given topics to research and conclude on in the context of the Tudors.