Term 2 Curriculum

Ringmer Primary and Nursery School - Whole School Curriculum Term 2 2020

"What are you saving for?"

Term 2's Learning Journey is "What are you saving for?"

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Each class has thought carefully about what they are saving for and the implications that their actions have upon our world. This linked perfectly with our termly focus on our school value of responsibility.

See the displays below for the paths that each class took when exploring this question.

Year 5 and 6

As a school, we have been answering the question ‘What are we saving for?’. This has shaped our learning in all curriculum areas, covering themes of environmentalism, protection of the arts, finance and what is important to us.

Year 5 and 6 produced a letter combining our English and Curriculum knowledge to persuade our local MP, Maria Caulfield, to take action on climate change. Luckily, we received personalised letters in response to our action that made us all cheer with achievement.

We enjoyed seeing the impact we could have and how our voice can be heard on a national level.

In addition to this, we were luckily enough to meet with a local expert in the form of local councillor Johnny Denis and put questions to him about what is happening on a local level.

Year 5 - Orca Class

  • How is climate change affecting our local area?

  • What are humans doing that affect our local area the most?

  • What happens when we recycle our plastic?

Year 5/6 - Sunfish Class

  • What is in place to help people recycle?

  • Can you come up with new ways to recycle household objects (for example tyres to make homes!)

  • What is being done to protect woodlands and wildlife?

  • What would you do to encourage people to save energy like electricity?

  • How could you help people to source / grow food more locally?

Year 6 - Manta Ray Class

  • What can we, as children, do for our local environment and to fight climate change?

  • How do you feel about climate change?

  • What are you doing to fight climate change/environmental issues?

  • How do you feel about electric cars and vegetarianism?

  • Why did you become a councillor?


Year 5 and 6 have also worked with Red Butler Music this term and created this piece of Christmas Music: