Children's Self Evaluation Form 2024

Pupil Voice - Our children's views on the school and what they think we can do to improve.

294 children in KS1 and KS2 at Ringmer School completed a questionnaire about the 10 statements below:

Pupils collected the results from across our school and gathered quotes from a range of children including boys and girls, from Reception through to Y6, to give us more information about the results.

In our SEF we will look more closely at each of these 10 areas, using the data collected, as well as quotes from the children, to help us evaluate our school.

In this way we will evaluate our strengths and work out what the children of Ringmer Primary and Nursery School think our next steps should be.

Please see the document below for the results!

Childrens SEF RP&NS 2024.pdf