Behaviour and Learning

Launchpad Learners

Welcome to the Launchpad!

The Launchpad is a space in school where our learners can acquire additional curricular skills to support successful inclusion in the classroom and wider spaces of the school, including the playground, lunch hall and assembly.

Our learners build skills in the Launchpad: pro-social friendships, emotional regulation, function skills, communication skills, early listening and talking skills.

In addition to this, learners access the Launchpad for check in’s and transitional support to enable opportunities to reset, ready again for learning in a whole class setting.

Not all learners will use this space but all learners can, if they need to, to learn and rehearse essential skills which will enable the same access as all and opportunities for successful learning and play in all areas of school life.

We have high expectations for all our learners at Ringmer and this is structured with high support.  This raft of support takes place in the Launchpad, in the classrooms and around our school. We endeavour to promote consistency within our structure and promote prosocial behaviours in all areas of our learning.  

Mrs Daly SENCo, Denise Emmerson Learning and Behaviour HLTA