Woodland Days

We are incredibly lucky to have permission to use some woodland in close proximity to our school to allow our children to spend a day outdoors every term.

Woodland Days are exciting opportunities for your child to enrich their learning experiences through investigating nature and utilising our wonderful local environment – ‘the classroom without walls.’ On woodland days the children learn from first-hand experiences and develop skills like perseverance, independence and responsibility. These transferable skills equip them as learners to achieve more when they are back in the classroom.

These days are looked forward to by all of our children, they count the days down! They manage to inspire and engage every child in the school, even the most reluctant of learners. This enthusiasm and energy does not only last for the day spent learning outside, but continues unabated once returned to the classroom. Woodland days have impacted upon the depth of learning journey experiences and serve to only further children's progress and love of learning.

Ringmer woodland day leaflet.pdf