Our Staff

Senior Leaders


Anna Crompton

Deputy Head

Sara Crane

Assistant Heads

Rebecca Rossi-Bennett

Jen Stone


Lizzy Daly (Maternity Leave Cover - Helen Knight)

Anna Crompton – Curriculum Leader

Lauren Cook – English Leader

Sophie Kelly - Maths Leader



Sara Crane Early Years Leader


Esme Brown PE Leader

Ella Wray


Year 1

Charlotte Pell Science Leader

Year 1/2

Rebecca Rossi-Bennett Mon, Tue History and RE Leader

Ellie Wood Wed, Thu, Fri Art Leader

Year 2

Sasha O'Toole Music Leader


Year 3

Adeline Ridge Mon, Tue, Wed

Helen Knight Thu, Fri Computing Leader

Year 3/4 

Sian Kinsey Mon, Tue Geography Leader

Lauren Cook Wed, Thu, Fri English Leader

Year 4 

Sarah Lowther RE Leader

Year 5

Megan Bray Pupil Governors

Year 5/6

Sophie Kelly Maths Leader

Year 6

Jen Stone Mon, Tue, Wed KS2 Leader

Charlotte Hall Thu, Fri Design & Technology Leader

Cover Teacher

Claire Moleton

Office Staff

School Business Manager

Rebecca Josling


Anna Crook

Kelly Cheesley

Zoey Dean

Site Managers

Alastair Gentles

John Winston

Support Staff


Carol Honisett - Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing specialist

Brigid Du Plessis - Maths Specialist

Denise Emmerson - Learning and Behaviour

Sharon Powell - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant 

Anne Duc

Becky Trotman


Lynn Broderick - Empowerment Approach 

Becky Hurcomb

Glen Barrey

Julie Jackson

Rachel Riches

Emma Clarke

Chantelle Rice

Jasmin Lewis

Nick Deacon

Lucy Williams

Verity Botting

Amanda Bigden-Slack

Midday Play Assistants

Cindy Smith

Kelly Minns

Katy Smith

Linda Skoda

Amanda Bigden-Slack

Sunrise / Sunset Club Staff

Tina Salvage - Sunrise Club Lead

Camilla Savill-Lawes - Sunset Club Lead

Sharon Powell

Lou Robinson

Lisa Hall

Glen Barrey

Linda Skoda

Nursery Staff

Rachel Riches

Juliette Scripps

Lisa Hall

Tina Salvage

Sarah Crisp

Becky Hurcomb

Lisa Morris

Staff Commitment