Meet the Sealions Team


Miss Sian Kinsey

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Moleton - Monday - Friday

Mrs Green - Monday - Friday

Also working with us during the week is:

Mr Barrey

PE Days

  • Monday afternoon and Thursday afternoon.

Please make sure your child has the following items for each PE session, they can come to school wearing their PE kit for the day:

  • a yellow t-shirt

  • black shorts and black jogging bottoms or leggings

  • a jumper

  • plimsolls or non marking trainers

Woodland Afternoon

  • Woodland sessions will now be termly. You will informed in advance on Google Classroom and via the office when our Woodland day will be.

  • Please ensure your child wears appropriate clothing for the setting and the weather.

  • If it is raining, please ensure your child brings wellies into a plastic bag to change into after lunch.

Website timetable.docx

Term 6 Weekly Timetable

  • Our school day starts at 8:30am

  • Children will need to wear their PE kit on Mondays and Thursdays.

  • Our school day ends at 3:15pm

  • Homework will be set on Fridays

What does provision look like for those with additional needs in Sealions class?

Outlined in the document below are the waves of provision we use to support children with additional needs. Support is tailored to each individual and provided as needed, with or without a diagnosis. Please talk to your child's class teacher if you have any concerns about your child, their needs or the provision in class. You can find further information on the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities page on our website. This is where you will find our vision for SEND pupils, and our SEND information report which outlines what we as a school can offer.

Website provision map KS2 (2) (1).docx

Class Information

Term 6 Learning Journey - Kindness - how do I pass it forward?

Key Texts

Through our key question this term, we will be exploring kindness, particularly focusing on the importance of 'passing it forward' to others. We will discuss this through one of our key texts, 'The Tin Forest', as well as RSHE when we think about our relationships and living in the wider world. This text also ties in with our Science unit this term, which is plants. In PE, we will continue to follow Real PE and Real Gym, focusing on Health and Fitness.

Our second key text this term 'Anglo Saxon Boy' links to our other main driver, which is History. Through the text and our History lessons, we will understand who the Anglo-Saxons were and be able to show chronological understanding of their place in history. We will then use a range of sources to explore Anglo-Saxon settlements, law and justice. Our artwork this term will be inspired by Monet's landscape work and we will be developing our skills of using acrylic paints to create an Anglo-Saxon settlement.

Term 6 Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum Overview


Term 5 Learning Journey - Is there Strength in Weakness?

This term, we will explore the huge potential of recognizing, naming and using our own weaknesses to develop greater strengths.

As the curriculum driver for our learning journey is PE, we will combine physical challenges with our ability to acknowledge, name and analyse our own perceived weaknesses, then plan strategies to use these to develop strengths.

How can our perceived weaknesses play to our advantage?

Our English text for term 5 is called 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell and we will be using this to develop our reading skills in RIC and to stimulate our written work in English. Through the text, we will experience the adventures of a group of 3 young children who are stranded in the vast Amazonian rainforest, at the mercy of nature.

Our foundation subjects will link to this text and also the themes of compassion, team work and failure. Our context for Geography will be fieldwork but we will be focusing on RSHE and PE when discussing our learning journey question mainly.

Term 5 Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum Overview

My-Very-Own-Game-KO (2).pdf

Mr Andrews Computing Project

Knowledge Organiser for Term 5 computing

Jasmine Real PE

Knowledge Organiser for Term 5 PE

Term 4 Learning Journey

Can I make a difference?

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make"

Jane Goodall

Our rich text for "Can I make a difference"

The Story of Tutankhamun

Through a History focus, this term we are acquiring knowledge about a long passed period in time, while developing skills to investigate historical evidence and re-build the story of people form another time.

This inspiring text is enabling us to access a long-forgotten world.

Ancient Egyptians, the life and reign of the child-pharaoh Tutankhamun, the Rosetta Stone, mummification, a wealth of artefact images and hieroglyphic writing, are becoming part of our daily learning and discussion, and an opportunity to enrich knowledge, vocabulary and skills across the curriculum.

Term 4 Knowledge Organiser

Term 4 Curriculum Overview

Term 3 Learning Journey

How do we find the truth?

"If we follow the truth, it will bring us out safe at last."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our rich text for "How do we find the truth?" is:

The Lion and the Unicorn by Shirley Hughes

Our Learning Journey focus this term is on History, and we are exploring local and world events during World War II.

The children will connect to this major historical event through the eyes and lives of evacuees from the London Blitz, and Lenny's story is a warm, inspiring starting point for their reading, writing and further research.

We will extend their learning to explore local history, people of note, the home front and a timeline of the key world-wide events.

We will explore the concept of "truth" and its importance by discussing the Home Front, Propaganda posters and how people were persuaded to join in the war effort through small actions in their homes.

Through the eyes of Lenny, a young boy evacuated from London to the country, the children will experience what it was like to be a child at times of tremendous hardship, and how to find small positive things even in most difficult circumstances.

For more information about our learning, please read the Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum overview below.

Term 3 Knowledge Organiser

Term 3 Curriculum Overview

Term 2 Learning Journey

What are we saving for?

"The earth is a fine place and worth fighting for."

Ernest Hemingway

Key Text

This term, we will be using 'Wilderness Wars' in our English lessons to stimulate a range of written styles and explore Year 3 and Year 4 grammar objectives.

Read the blurb below:

What if nature fights back?

When her father’s construction work takes Em’s family to the uninhabited island of Skelsay, she is excited, but also a little uneasy. Soon Em, and her friend Zac, realise that the setbacks, mishaps and accidents on the island point to something altogether more sinister: the wilderness all around them has declared war.

Danger lurks everywhere. But can Em and Zac persuade the adults to believe it before it’s too late?

Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum Overview - Term 2: What Are We Saving For?

Year 4 Term 2 KO & Curriculum Overview.pptx


Homework is set every Friday on Google Classroom and will be due in the following Thursday. The homework folder can be found under the 'Classwork' tab.

There are two sheets for homework:

  • Reading record - please record what you have read and how often you have read on the Google Doc. We encourage children to read at least five times a week either independently (aloud or in their head) or aloud with an adult.

  • Activities - there will be spellings to learn and timetables to practise. In addition to this, there will be either a RIC (reading) or SPAG task.

  • Mangahigh - Children to login and complete the Manga High task set by your teacher. They should aim to complete the task three times. The children's logins can be found on their Google Classroom under 'Classwork'.

  • Lexia - if your child has a Lexia account, please ensure they are accessing this regularly at home. Their login can be found on their Google Classroom under 'Classwork'.

Please do let the class teacher know if you require a paper copy.

We ask that you send in a photo of the work instead of a paper copy to reduce the number of items coming into school.

Supporting your child at home