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Meet the Reception Team

Fridays - Woodland Session 

Children wear old clothes to school (arms and legs covered).  Please provide waterproof coat, trousers and wellies if the weather is wet.

Wednesday - PE

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school in a named PE bag.  Yellow T shirt, black shorts and trainers/plimsolls.  Jumpers and tracksuit bottoms/leggings in colder weather.  The PE bag can stay on your child's peg and will get sent home at the end of term to be washed.   

Please name water bottles, snack boxes, lunch boxes and all items of clothing.

Ethos and Vision for our children

Our children are at the heart of everything that we do and we build our curriculum around their needs and interests.  We observe, assess, teach and review impact through 'In the moment planning' using play as the vehicle for learning.  Our children free flow through out the day between engaging and purposefully organised inside and outside environments.  Early reading, writing, phonics and maths skills are taught in short directed teaching inputs, the children then apply these skills independently in our enabling environment.   The children's interests drive the themes for our learning journey enquiry question as well as seasonal changes and celebrations.  We aim to capture the awe and wonder of childhood making every moment memorable so our children learn deeply and can apply their skills in different contexts.   We build a strong home school partnership to ensure our children feel secure and blended learning is consistent and playful. 

To find out more about our EYFS ethos and vision please refer to our EYFS policy. 

What does provision look like for those with additional needs in Starfish and Angelfish class?

Outlined in the document below are the waves of provision we use to support children with additional needs.   Support is tailored to each individual and provided as needed, with or without a diagnosis. Please talk to your child's class teacher if you have any concerns about your child, their needs or the provision in class.  You can find further information on the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities page on our website.  This is where you will find our vision for SEND pupils, and our SEND information report which outlines what we as a school can offer.

Website provision map EYFS KS1 (3) (1).docx

Speech and Language support - how can you help your child?

Communication is a key building block for all children to thrive in every aspect of their life.  Your support at home with this is not only much appreciated, but also an essential element of their development.  For tips and ideas about how you can do this, have a look at the Speech and Language Link parent Portal:


Home school partnership

How will I know what my child will be learning in school and how can I support this at home?

PE Curriculum Map

Meet the Teacher Evening 

Meet the Teacher Starfish & Angelfish.pptx

Term 1

Our key texts are:

Learning Journey Enquiry Question - Whose World is it Anyway? 

The first part of this term we focus on getting to know each other! The children explore their new indoor and outdoor spaces, they make new friends and get to know the adults who look after them. The adults play and chat to the children, getting to know them all, what they like to do and how they learn.

We begin by learning all our new routines with a particular focus on listening skills and Carpet time expectations.

Our school value focus this term is courage and we have been encouraging resilience and independence right from the start!  All our children are showing that they can be a 'tough tortoise' and have settled so well enjoying all their new experience and challenges.    Look out for a small tortoise coming home as a special reminder that your child can face new challenges with a smile, secure in the knowledge that we are here to help support them along the way! 

Our topic this term is ‘What is our journey?’ We will be exploring this question through the theme of transport and journeys with our key texts: Naughty bus and The train ride. We will compare old and new vehicles and learn how food is transported at harvest time. The children’s interests will also be used as a vehicle for learning. This term they have shown an interest in:

Year R Knowledge Organiser Letter1.docx

What is a Knowledge Organiser?

Term 1 Reception Knowledge Organiser.docx.pdf

Term 1 Knowledge Organiser

Term 6

Learning Journey Enquiry Question - How does passion fuel design?

With the seasonal change in weather the children have been showing an interest in the seaside. Many have shared with us already how much they love visiting our local coastline and what they already know.  We have linked the enquiry question to the design of lighthouses, ships (now and in the past using the theme of pirates) and how sea creatures physical characteristics ensure they are adapted to their environment. We will consider environmental issues such as the impact of using plastic packaging and use the children's passion to be eco warriors so they can learn about keeping our coastlines and oceans litter free as well as encouraging our community to recycle.  We will also be going on an exciting trip to Hastings Blue Reef Aquarium!

Our Key Texts this Term are ....

Knowledge Organiser

Reception Term 6 Knowledge Organiser How does passion fuel design_.pdf

Term 5

Learning Journey Enquiry Question - What do plants do for us?

This term the children will be exploring the theme of plants through poetry, instructional texts and the stories Jack and the Beanstalk and The boy who lost his bumble.  The children will be caring for the world around them, noticing and commenting on seasonal changes as well as making observations over time. The children will be applying their phonics skills to reading and writing seed packets, instructions to plant a bean seed and creative story writing. We will also be learning about the King's Coronation and King Charles'interest in plants and the environment. We will be contributing to our local community's celebrations and making special memories together. 

Knowledge Organiser

Reception Term 5 Knowledge Organiser.pdf

Term 5 Photo Gallery

Term 4

Learning Journey Enquiry Question - How do I know who to trust?

This term the children will be exploring this question through the context of characters in traditional tales. The children are already familiar with the stories 'The Three Litlle Pigs' and 'Little Red Riding Hood'.  We will be looking at the events in these stories through the eyes of the wolf and considering if you should 'judge a book by its cover'! The children will explore different characters perspectives and relate this to their own lives in the context of respecting other peoples opinions and needs . We will investigate our likes, dislikes and what makes us all unique and the importance of celebrating and respecting differences.  The children will also be learning about the importance of looking after their teeth and will be encouraged to follow good dental hygiene routines, such as brushing their teeth twice a day and limiting high sugar foods and drinks.

Knowledge Organiser

Reception Term 4 Knowledge Organiser How do I know who to trust_.pdf

Term 3

Learning Journey Enquiry Question - Is sacrifice needed for the common good?

This term the children will be exploring this question through their interest in superheros. We will explore the characteristics that superheroes have and make links with real life heroes. The children will consider why heroes are admired for their courage, noble qualities and outstanding ahievements. We will learn about sacrifices that heroes have made to improve the lives of others or to take calculated risks for the common good.  Our key texts this term are Supertato, Dr Ranj A superhero like you and Amelia Earhart - Little people Big Dreams!

Knowledge Organiser

Reception Term 3 Knowledge Organiser Is sacrifice needed for the common good_.pdf

Term 2

Learning Journey Enquiry Question - What are the ingredients for change?

 This term the children will be exploring this question through community and family traditions and celebrations. We will be considering what we can learn from the past and how this helps us make changes for the better for the future. We will use the themes of Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Diwlai and Christmas.  The children will also be focusing on their self regulations skills and we will learn about the four zones of regulation to support them in naming emotions and developing skills to help them regulate with independence.  Our key texts that will introduce the children to rich vocabulary, story language and stimulate discussion and creative writing are shown below. We will also use poems about Bonfire night and rhymes about celebrations to develop our children's communication and language skills. 

Knowledge Organiser 

Copy of Reception Term 2 Knowledge what are the ingredients for change?

Term 2 Photo Gallery

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