Sea Turtles

Meet the Sea Turtles Team


Mrs Corina Gamble

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rebecca Lunt (Monday- Friday)

Also working with us during the week are:

Mrs. Sharon Powell - (Monday - Friday am)

Mrs. Sally Fletcher (Mon pm; Wed pm; Fri pm)

Mrs. Anne Duc (Wed pm; Th pm; Fri pm)

Mrs. Claire Moleton - PPA, Tuesday pm

Class Information

What does provision look like for those with additional needs in Sea Turtles class?

Outlined in the document below are the waves of provision we use to support children with additional needs. Support is tailored to each individual and provided as needed, with or without a diagnosis. Please talk to your child's class teacher if you have any concerns about your child, their needs or the provision in class. You can find further information on the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities page on our website. This is where you will find our vision for SEND pupils, and our SEND information report which outlines what we as a school can offer.

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Term 5:

What goes around comes around?

Through our rich text, Max and the Millions, we will explore issues around inclusion, living with a disadvantage and what might or might not work when expressing support, compassion and friendliness.

Max is a boy with hearing difficulties, learning in a school where people try to include them, but sometimes good intentions have the worst consequences. However, one person notices his special talent, which happens to be similar to his own, and this makes a world of difference to both their lives. Especially, when this special friend, Mr. Darrow, alongside his entire mini-model world, need rescuing… Following the adventures that take place in the miniature and the big world too, we will write an adventure of our own...

Term 5:

Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum Overview

YEAR 4 - Yr3&4 Term 3 Knowledge Organiser & Curriculum Overview 2022.pptx (2).pdf
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Term 4:

How Can Impact Be Measured?

We will explore our learning journey question through our rich texts in English and RIC: 'Escape from Pompeii' in English and 'Empire's End: A Roman Story'.

'Escape from Pompeii' is a rich picture book set at the time of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and it illustrates the dramatic events through the eyes of two children who are witnesses and then escapees from the natural disaster.

'Empire’s End: A Roman Story' is a first person narrative told from the point of view of a girl who lives happily in Leptis Magna, in current Libya. She is taken to Rome, then Eboracum (currently York) so that her doctor father can tend to the last emperor to rule over Britannia. Through her eyes, we witness the life-changing experiences faced by people who travelled across the Roman empire in the aim to conquer or rule, and we also witness events that took place as the Roman rule in Britain unraveled.

YEAR 3 Term 4 Knowledge Organiser & Curriculum Overview 2022.pptx

Term 3

Does where we are determine who we are?

We will explore our learning journey

question through two varied and

wide-ranging books, spanning four


Mirror by Jeannie Baker is set in Australia and Morocco, and it reveals the daily life of two boys through high-quality, wordless illustrations. The children are exploring ways of life, customs and what makes the boys who they are in the context of their home and family. After rehearsing grammar skills, vocabulary and writing skills, they will write a diary from the point of view of the child of their choice from the book.

Following this, we will explore the life and adventures of English and Brazilian children who live in the Amazon rainforest, through the exciting, high quality Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson. They will have the opportunity to reflect on ways we change and also stay the same, when moving to an entirely new place. We will research information about the Amazon rainforest, write poetry about this amazing landscape and we will finish with a longer piece of narrative writing.

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PE Days

  • Tuesdays

  • Fridays

Please make sure your child has the following items for each PE session:

  • a yellow t-shirt

  • black shorts and black jogging bottoms or leggings

  • a jumper

  • plimsolls or non marking trainers

Woodland Day

  • Our Woodland days generally take place once a term. Families are notified near the time when a woodland day has been scheduled.

The children need to come dressed in appropriate clothing, including long sleeved tops and trousers to protect them from thorns.

Useful links for online learning at home


Homework is set every Friday on Google Classroom and will be due in the following Thursday. The homework folder can be found under the 'Classwork' tab.

There are two sheets for homework:

  • Reading record - please record what you have read and how often you have read in the new green Reading record book. We encourage children to read at least five times a week either independently (aloud or in their head) or aloud with an adult.

  • Activities - there will be spellings to learn and timetables to practise. In addition to this, there will be either a RIC (reading) or SPAG task.

  • Mangahigh - Children to login and complete the Manga High task set by your teacher. They should aim to complete the task three times. The children's logins can be found on their Google Classroom under 'Classwork'.

  • Lexia - if your child has a Lexia account, please ensure they are accessing this regularly at home. Their login can be found on their Google Classroom under 'Classwork'.

Please do let the class teacher know if you require a paper copy.

We ask that you send in a photo of the work instead of a paper copy to reduce the number of items coming into school.

Term 2 Learning Journey

To Improve is to Change?

Yr3&4 Term 2 Curriculum Overview 2021.pptx
How-do-computers-work-KO (1).pdf


Term 1 Learning Journey

What is our Journey?

Term 1 Knowledge Organiser

Yr3&4 Term 1 Knowledge Organiser & Curriculum Overview 2021.pptx

This term, we will be exploring the concept of 'Journeys' through our rich texts 'Leon and the Place Between' and 'The Journey'. Through the first text the children will step into the magical world of the 'Place Between', close family relationships and the magical powers of imagination to travel to different places in the mind.

Through second text, we will focus on the emotional hardships experienced during a refugee's journey to a place of safety. In our PSHE lessons, the children will continue to develop their understanding of resilience and will know ways to overcome difficulties.

In Science, we will be learning about Animals, including Humans through a range of practical tasks and investigations. The children will be learning about the human body (skeleton and muscles) and how to keep it healthy, including food groups, nutrients and exercise.

This term, our rich text 'The Wild Way Home' by Sophie Kirtley. The book follows the story of Charlie Merriam, a boy who has grown up exploring and playing with friends in his beloved "Mandel Forest", just behind his home. One day, a dramatic life event leads Charlie to run into the forest, where his discovery of a mysterious deer tooth takes him back through time, into a Stone Age version of Mandel Forest. Here, things are so different, yet so familiar! Together with Hartboy, a Stone Age boy of his own age, Charlie learns about survival in a different age, family and how to find his way back home.

This text links into our History topic this term 'The Stone Age'. We will learn about developments in ways of life, settlements, use of tools, the first forms of human art and social communication as they progressed through the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic ages.