Welcome to the PTA page!

Some of you may not know much about the PTA. It stands for Parent Teacher Association, and is made up of school staff, parents and carers who are keen to help raise much needed extra funds for our children.

Over the last 6 years the PTA has raised over £52k.

We have arranged:

10 Discos

4 party nights

3 summer fairs

3 fireworks evenings

2 scarecrow festivals

2 money tree projects

2 end of summer parties

School lottery

Jumble and nearly new sales

Lights trails

And too many raffles to count!

Here are some of the ways the PTA have supported the school.

Over £27k on subscriptions, such as Manga High, Lexia and Monster Phonics.

£5,500 revamping the library.

£5,000 on the playground lights game.

£1,000 for the canopy in the woodland area.

£3,500 on chromebooks.

We have also paid for pantomimes, magic shows, falconry displays, class equipment, microscopes and school pets.

When your child starts at Ringmer Primary and Nursery School, you automatically become a PTA member. We need new faces with new ideas to join us, to offer whatever support you can, and for all these fabulous events to continue for our children.

Some of our members can’t attend meetings, but assist with poster design and printing. Some members are always taking on jobs, some aren’t on the committee at all, but volunteer for a shift on a stall at one of our events. Some work full time, some don’t work, some work shifts… Did I mention we hold our meetings in the Anchor?! We usually meet once every one to two months, with a few extra meetings in the run up to big events.

For more information, please email