Strategic Vision

2021 - 2026

Ringmer Primary and NurserySchool

Strategic Vision 2021 - 2026

We are pleased to present our long-term Strategic Vision for Ringmer Primary and Nursery School.

  • This is Ringmer’s first 5-year strategic plan and its purpose is to set out and communicate our vision, ethos and long-term direction for the school, it reflects our values and outlines what children will leave the school having learned.

  • It has taken into account the views of many key stakeholders including staff and governors.

  • It is a working document, which sets out a range of goals, actions and priorities; we will use it to inform our day-to-day work, judge our progress and help us to decide how best to use our resources.

  • The strategic plan is complemented by the School Development Plan, a shorter-term operational plan for the coming 12 months.

  • The School Development Plan is developed by the senior leadership team and sets out in operational terms how the long-term strategy of the school is to be achieved.

  • Our strategy for the next 5 years is clear and aspirational, but it will also allow us to take advantage of any new opportunities that might arise to make this a truly fantastic school for the whole community.

  • We are incredibly proud of the school’s achievements and values and it is our intention that Ringmer Primary and Nursery School will remain a popular and successful school.


The school’s vision focuses on being aspirational for all pupils:

To ensure high quality, inspirational and innovative teaching that establishes a love of learning.

We will do this through providing a curriculum that will nurture curious minds, stretch the imagination and provide opportunities for every child to excel academically, creatively, practically and socially.

Our aim is to create resilient and resourceful individuals with skills to lead healthy and productive lives, in a happy, safe and secure environment where all pupils have a voice, high self-esteem and emotional wellbeing is paramount.

School Values: Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Compassion