School Subscriptions


Our school uses Lexia Reading Core5, a web-based reading program that provides the targeted reading practice and instruction. Children develop reading skills, comprehension and vocabulary with 18 levels of engaging activities that will take them on an adventure around the world. Your child’s class teacher will inform you if your child has an account for Lexia.

Lexia is proven to have significant impact upon an array of reading skills when it is accessed at least four times a week. These weekly sessions enable children to make rapid progress from their starting points. Therefore we ask for your support in ensuring that your child regularly uses this program at home.

How to log in:

  • Your child can access Lexia through the internet by going on the following website:

  • When asked for your child’s teacher’s email, please input:

(Your child’s teacher’s name, eg: lcook)

  • Your child will then need to login in using their username and password:


Password: read