Schemes of learning

At Ringmer Primary and Nursery School we have fidelity to White Rose.   White Rose primary maths resources are designed to instill a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts using a full range of fun, inspiring classroom activities.

 We use programmes and resources to supplement lessons further such as: 

NCETM Mastery Assessment materials, NRICH, Space Learning, Diagnostic questions or Testbase as well as, visual images and concrete resources. 

This ensures we meet the needs of all learners, and have a clear sequence of knowledge and skills.  Knowledge and skills are applied to problem solving activities which are crafted using resources above. Our embedded lesson structure supports the application of knowledge in wider contexts every day. 

For further information, see below our schemes of learning from Autumn - Summer. 

EY Maths Prelim_Spring_Blocks 1-6.pdf

EYFS Autumn

Reception Autumn term schemes.pdf

EYFS Spring

EY Maths Prelim_Summer_Blocks 1-6.pdf

EYFS Summer

Y1 Autumn SOL.pdf

Year 1 Autumn

Y1 Spring SOL.pdf

Year 1 Spring

Year 1 Summer SOL.pdf

Year 1 Summer

Y2 Autumn SOL.pdf

Year 2 Autumn

Y2 Spring SOL.pdf

Year 2 Spring

Year 2 Summer SOL.pdf

Year 2 Summer

Y3 Autumn SOL.pdf

Year 3 Autumn

Y3 Spring SOLv2.pdf

Year 3 Spring

Year 3 Summer SOL.pdf

Year 3 Summer

Y4 Autumn SOL.pdf

Year 4 Autumn

Y4 Spring SOL.pdf

Year 4 Spring

Year 4 Summer SOL.pdf

Year 4 Summer

Y5 Autumn SOL.pdf

Year 5 Autumn

Y5 Spring SOL.pdf

Year 5 Spring

Year 5 Summer SOL.pdf

Year 5 Summer

Y6 Autumn SOL.pdf

Year 6 Autumn

Y6 Spring SOL.pdf

Year 6 Spring

Year 6 Summer SOL.pdf

Year 6 Summer