Times table policy.pdf

Times table policy

Our intent at Ringmer Primary and Nursery School is for all children to enjoy mathematics and have a secure understanding of the relevance of times tables and the recall of fluency. Through carefully planned sequential small steps out of time table progression documents we recognise the importance of ‘calculation’ through times tables and how this can be embedded in a variety of methods. 


Our whole school approach is the ‘Chanting’ method for rapid recall, step counting or using a counting stick.

It is important for children to understand the relevance of times tables and the recall of fluency. In order to achieve this, their learning needs to be extended

through related number facts and real life problem solving/problems in context through the use of ‘Times Table Ninja’. It does this through ensuring that 

Progression T5 and T6.pdf

Progression of skills documentation T5 & T6

T5 and T6 from school academic year 2023-2024

Progression from Sept 24.pdf

Progression of skills documentation 2024

Implementation of full progression from academic year 2024-2025

Times table games.pdf

Times table games

Times table songs.pdf

Times table songs

Patterns and known facts.pdf

Patterns and known facts

Y1 Number facts.pdf

Year 1 fluency sessions

During fluency sessions Y1 will embed and have secure understanding of their number and addition facts before moving into Y2 to start fluency and times tables.