Year 4

Welcome to Penguins Class

Welcome to our class page. Here you will find details of what we are doing, news and our homework.

Learning in Penguins Class this week

Week 1

We have begun by looking into archaeology - see a photo of some of our poetry.

Proud Moments

Well done Elliot you have shown great sportsmanship in PE this week. This is a great quality to have!

Week 1

Week 2

We have been working hard on developing our writing skills this week. Well done everybody!

Well done Edith - You have shown great focus and effort in English!

Week 2

RNLI donation

As a school we donated £369.39 to the RNLI! A huge well done to last years year 3/4 children who held the RNLI fate.

A huge well done to all children on their enthusiasm and engagement with our Hobgoblin visitors (Thursday). They taught as so much about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The drama workshop was great fun too!

Children have been really eager to show all their maths skills this week. I have had to 'chase' them out the door at break time :)

Well done Penguins class!

An amazing thing once happened to me - I tripped and fell and found myself in a place where everything was different, where the people wore animal skins and hunted and fished for their food.I had such fun in that strange place and I learnt so much, but all the time I kept wondering where I was. Was it possible? Had I travelled... to the Stone Age.
We have used this text to inspire our writing this week. Ask us about the stories we have written.

This week we worked collaboratively to learn about Sukkot. We even made our own Sukkah's.

Ask us about what we have learnt.

We have been exploring Harvest Festivals.

Proud Postie

Well done Alex who has been persevering with his spelling. It was great to see this happening in English today. Keep it up!