Term 6 Homework


This week we have been learning about coordinates. I have sent home some work on position and direction to be completed.

In English, we have been writing our own newspaper reports on the Lewes floods of 2000.

This weeks maths homework is to complete the work on position and direction that has been sent home. On the back of the questions is some squared paper for you to complete it on. You only have to do ONE of the tasks.

Topic Homework

As this is the last week of term, it would be lovely to have you write your teacher a letter telling them about your time in year 4. You might like to include favourite memories, topics you really loved learning about or things that you feel you have improved on. Please remember to write this neatly on paper of your choice - you might even like to send hand it in in an envelope!

This week we are learning about adverbials of manner! Please practise the following spellings, ready for a quick spelling test on Thursday 18th July.

rapidly, awkwardly, frantically, unexpectedly, curiously, deliberately, obediently, reluctantly, carefully, hurriedly

I have written these on the back of the topic sheet so that you can practise writing these in a sentence.

Our value for the term is Compassion.