Remote/blended learning from September 2020

We have created a remote / blended learning plan for those children that are unable to come to school due to self isolating, whilst being in good health. This plan, laid out below, is constantly being reviewed and adapted as we put it into practice and we will develop it as we go to make it fit for purpose.

RP&NS Remote/Blended Learning Plan for Self-Isolating students


  • At RP&NS we want to ensure that as little learning time as possible is lost through children being forced to self-isolate whilst being in good health

  • The system that we are utilising is designed to provide teaching and learning provision that allows for as seamless as possible a reintegration to school

  • To support the workload of our staff who are managing the teaching and learning of children in school AND those children where it is necessary for them to learn remotely

  • NB - For the new children who slip into self-isolation and remote learning, depending on the time of the school day that we are notified, there might be a slight delay in the time that the following is instituted.

The Role of the Teacher

  • Self-isolating children will be provided with a daily timetable which clearly states the start of the teaching time for each lesson - this is uploaded to google classroom stream by the teacher every morning

  • To set up a google meet with the self-isolating child/children and start this at the time that each teaching session begins

  • Ensure that the child at home has their camera and microphone off at all times

  • When time allows, to any questions or responses that come through the chat (teacher or TA) - KS1 children might need support from an adult at home to undertake this

  • The teacher will share their screen/present so that the child at home can only see what the teacher shares on the IWB in the classroom

  • The teacher will upload all resources/teaching prompts that children in school would be provided with and ensure that this is matched to specific learning needs of those self-isolating

  • At a suitable time, i.e. when the teaching session is over and independent or group work begins then the teacher will end the google meet presentation - the children then can complete the work and know when to return to the presentation for the next lesson or for the plenary of the current teaching session

  • Mute the microphone if necessary to ensure the safeguarding of all pupils

  • To provide feedback on work submitted on the same day

The Role of the Student

  • To ensure that they are logged onto the google meet in time for each teaching session and to be patient if there is a delay to the time stated on the timetable

  • To ensure that their camera and microphone are switched off at all times

  • To ensure that when asking questions through the chat facility that they always use appropriate language and no abbreviations or slang

  • To download and complete the tasks that have been uploaded to google classroom at the end of each teaching session

  • To respond to all feedback provided on their work and act upon this to improve their work if applicable

  • To continue to follow elements of the school timetable that can be undertaken without google meet, such as Lexia, Mangahigh, independent reading

  • Complete work to the best of their ability utilising the school values to help ensure it is something that they are proud of

  • Ensure that they are adhering to the school’s acceptable use policy, especially when using the chat facility

The Role of the parent/guardian

  • To support their child to ensure they are logged on to google meet in time for every timetabled teaching session

  • Support their child to complete work whilst ensuring that the work created is an accurate representation of the child’s abilities. We accept that children’s IT skills will develop alongside the increased use of Google Classroom

  • To feedback any comments on the remote teaching and learning sessions directly to a member of the SLT

  • To ensure that they and their child/children adhere to the school’s acceptable use policy, particularly in relationship to use of Google hang outs