Art Installation 2020

Linking home and school

It was important to us to stay in touch with our children during lockdown and to make sure that they knew that we were all missing them and wondering what they had been getting up to (other than the home learning!) As a result we set up a weekly Children's Bulletin where we shared photos and stories that the parents and children had emailed us. Once school was fully reopened we wanted a way to mark the past few months when we had all been apart.

We asked all children from Ringmer Primary and Nursery school to create a photo 'tile' or collage with their name in the middle surrounded by images that reflected lockdown and the time that most of them were unable to come to school.

The front wall in the hall was painted in rainbow colours and around 200 photo stickers have been put up. Children and staff alike have enjoyed looking at all of the pictures, spotting themselves and their friends and what they got up to. It never fails to put a smile on the face of anyone who views it.