Our Team

Corina Gamble

Nursery teacher and Manager

PGCE (early years), QTS, MA Ed. (Early Childhood)

I believe that the early years make the biggest difference in a person's life - proportionally, they learn the more than at any other stage in life, and the foundations built now are the strongest.

I love finding out what each child is like, what their families bring to our nursery and what we can bring to their life. I spend a lot of my time thinking about what we could do better, and trying to make it happen for our children, our staff and our families.

My favourite things to do at nursery are telling stories, speaking and listening, music making in every form, imaginative play, helping children learn to think. I'm always trying to get better at all of these.

I love those magic moments when we have all learned something new together, and the children are excited to show it off!

I am currently studying for a Masters degree in Education (Early childhood), because I believe learning never ends!

Vickie Tidswell

Deputy Manager, SENCO

BA (early years), EYPS, SENCO

Vickie was an arts graduate, before becoming an Early Years practitioner. The way she blends the passion for child development and art - in all the forms that sensory experiences can take leave a memorable mark on the children.

Vickie believes strongly that children and adults alike have to "do" in order to learn, and spends huge amount of time and energy planning and delivering activities from which the children can learn through all their senses.

Lou Robinson

Nursery Assistant, Key person

NVQ 3 Early Years and Childcare

Lou dedicates a lot of her time to children who need support to with development - from learning to

play with others, speak or follow the nursery routines, to more specific needs, such as learning to speak, or use daily implements.

Lou is keen to involve the whole family in every child's development process, and spends much time and energy talking to parents, alongside the children, and showing them the progress made at nursery.

Sharon Pugh

Nursery Assistant, Key person

NVQ3 Early Years, FD Early Years student

Sharon thoroughly enjoys developing the children's learning through play, as well as carrying out activities throughout the nursery curriculum. She enjoys supporting the children develop learning spaces using stories and children's interests. Whether children want to express their thoughts in a drawing, or a quiet moment with a story, Sharon is always at hand to support.

Lisa Hall

Nursery Assistant, key person

NVQ3 Early Years and Childcare

Wherever the laughter and excitement of imaginative play can be heard, at a closer look Lisa can be found among the children - ideally, wearing a fireman's helmet or a witch's hat!

Lisa finds that joining in and developing children's learning from their own point of view is the quickest and easiest - as well as showing them how to take turns, have a conversation and learn a new idea through play.

Anni Green,

Nursery assistant, key person

NVQ3; FdEY student

Anni thoroughly enjoys supporting the children while learning through play, and finding out about their learning journey.

Karen Hewlett

Nursery Assistant, key person

NVQ2 Early Years and Childcare

Karen started working as a lunch club assistant, having developed experience in other early years settings. Gradually, her role has increased to cover some sessions, and with it the confidence to be a part of the team - playing with children, encouraging them to be confident and engaged are a part of her day to day work. Karen is currently on maternity leave.

Lunch club assistants

Tina Salvage

A rota of nursery staff


Mary Baldwin