Learning Blog

In the Early Years Village, nursery and reception children learn through play and high quality experiences - sometimes together

sharing all the space, sometimes in small groups in their own learning spaces.

In this blog, we will keep you up to date with learning and activities.

These are in addition to the continuous provision: construction, imaginative play, sand and

water, play-dough, painting, drawing, music-making

Learning this term

Our whole school focus this term is to help children develop high quality writing.

In nursery, this means working towards:

  • developing strong small hand muscles for fine motor skills
  • telling lots of stories
  • learning how stories are made, and how they can be changed
  • Learning how to hear sounds - first in the environment, then in words in words - whether they are rhymes, first, middle or last sounds in words; hear the difference between loud and quiet
  • using natural materials in play to develop understanding of concepts, vocabulary and fine motor skills

Breakfast and Tea time at nursery

Those children who attend nursery from 7.45 and have breakfast, or stay after 3.30 and have tea together, have a very special time together.

At tea time, they help prepare their meals, by peeling and cutting vegetables for Lou, Sharon or Lisa to cook.

Meals include home-made cheesy pasta, jacket potato, home-made soup with freshly baked rolls or pitta bread. There is always an alternative of baked beans or spaghetti hoops on toast for those who haven't yet acquired a taste for different foods.

Goldilocks - the song

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears

What did her blue eyes see?

A bowl that was HUGE,

And a bowl that was small,

And a bowl that was tiny,

And that was all...

She counted them: one, two three.

Change each verse to chair, bed, bear...

Goldilocks song.MOV