Religious Education

Vision for RE at RPNS

At Ringmer Primary and Nursery School, children are supported to understand the importance of religious beliefs and practices through theological enquiry, practical experiences and cross-curricular links. These help pupils to reflect on their own place in the world as well as developing knowledge, understanding and keen critical thinking skills to explain the way different religious beliefs shape the social groups in which they are practised.

Religious education is taught with the aim to support children’s understanding of the role and impact religious beliefs have had on the development of all history, literature and culture through history.

Religious education work is based around asking “Big Questions”, while making connections within the learning journeys that each key phase follows, thus allowing children to explore in depth many different belief systems, explore their places of worship and artefacts and understand the nature of their worship practices and how they shape the lives of people within each faith.

Our school values of Compassion, Courage, Respect and Responsibility are reflected in every aspect of our Religious education:

Compassion and respect are actively taught, discussed and developed in practical and implicit ways, so that each child understands that their background and beliefs are respected, and that each child is expected to display tolerance of the beliefs of others, both in school and the wider society.

Courage and responsibility are modelled, explained and displayed throughout the school life. Every pupil and adult in the school is encouraged to show the courage to stand up to intolerant attitudes, and to take responsibility for their own behaviour, attitudes and the way they express themselves, so that all members of our school community feel safe, respected and valued.

The values, knowledge and skills developed through Religious Education studies during their Ringmer Primary and Nursery School contribute to the development of the children’s own spiritual and philosophical convictions, and are a stepping stone towards a rich, thoughtful inner life moving forward.

Progression of Skills

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