Year 6


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Race Against Time - Terms 3 and 4


“Last Great Race on Earth”.

We will be learning about dramatic history behind the Iditerod race in Alaska. The text “Togo” by Robert J Blake will be helping us explore this exciting journey through Alaskan history.


We will looking at Alaska and plotting race routes on a map. We will also Identify and describe how the physical features affect the human activity within a location with a focus on those native to the Arctic.


We will compare creation stories including those of the Inuit culture.


We will be investigating the qualities of materials linked to insulation. They will also be learning about how arctic animals are adapted to their environment with particular focus on the husky and polar bear.

D&T- textiles and structure

Building on from our science investigating and knowledge, we will be designing and making prototypes for some vital items needed for a musher’s journey through Alaska.


Through layered and textured artwork, we will explore the beautiful Arctic environment using wax relief and ink.


The children will develop Arctic soundscapes using different elements of music

CHARANGA UNIT- We will be singing and playing tuned instruments in our rock music unit entitled “Living on a Prayer”.


We will be focussing on narrative writing including in the 1st person, explanation texts, balanced arguments linked to dilemmas and newspaper writing.


The children will be working on their gymnastics. They will develop their strength and flexibility by using a range of

movements and skills on the mats and apparatus. They will practise and improve on their own short routines.


Y6: fractions, decimal and percentages, position and direction and SATs revision.

Y5: multiplication and division, perimeter and area, fractions.


We will be working on our written and spoken French language skills. This will include numbers up to 60, classroom instructions, adjectives and simple conversation about where you live.

Class Information

Y5 Bikeablity week beg: 19.3.18

Homework is set on a Thursday to be completed for the following Thursday(Y6) and Tuesday (Y5)

PE: Falcons-Tuesday and Friday, Kestrels-Monday and Friday


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