Kestrels-Year 5

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ANCIENT GREECE: Why Was It So A-maze-ing?

Check out our Myths and Monsters movie trailer below showing the fantastic dioramas we created for Theseus and the Minotaur and Daedalus and Icarus.

Myths and Monsters by Kestrels 2018.MOV
Curriculum Letter Year 5 term 5 2018.doc

Race Against Time -Will They Make It?

(Term 3 and 4)

Time is running out for the polar bears! We learned about these amazing animals and their difficult life in the arctic environment.


Full of polar bear activities.

It even snowed!!

Polar Bears' Page

Click on the link above to get to our polar bear page.

Race Against Time Games

We explored the history behind the Iditerod sled dog race in Alaska and had a great time playing the games designed and created as a topic homework challenge.

Click on the link below to join us on our journey through the book "Togo" by Robert J Blake.


Our Curriculum letter for term 3 and 4.

Curriculum Letter Year 5-6 Term 3-4 2018.ppt