Welcome to Year 3

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Ancient China

Chinese Dragon Friend or Foe?


We will be learning about Ancient China and the Shang Dynasty. We will also be looking at the celebration of Chinese New Year and the significance of the Dragon.


We will be focusing on the topic of Light in term 3 and in term 4 we will be looking at Rocks.


In music we will compare different types of music that have a theme of fire or fireworks.


We will be using maps, atlases and laptops to investigate China and also important landmarks.


We will choreograph a dance to go with our Giant Chinese Dragon.


Children will use clay skills to recreate a terracotta warrior. Also we will learn the art of calligraphy.


In preparation for Chinese New Year we will be cooking some traditional celebration foods.


This term we will be covering SRE. A more detailed letter will be given out in January.

Class News

Art Project at the Academy. Year 3 will have 3 x 3 hour art sessions. To cover costs for this great opportunity we would like to request a £1 donation from each child.

Also there will be school trip coming up in term 4. Further details will follow in the new year. There will be a cost for this trip.