Puffins Class Homework

Puffins Homework recount.docx

Homework :


This week there is Maths, Spellings and a recount task.

Illustrated Recount about the Railway Land trip.

You have all been given a print out of this sheet. There is a copy to download here as well if you need it.

*Any Puffins who are not able to come on our trip, remember that your recount is about something different.

This is due in on Thursday 11th July


*If you are using Lexia, please continue working on this at home.

*This coming week we will be working on the spelling suffix -ous

The letters ‘ous’ are a suffix, meaning ‘full of’.

Please learn the following words this week.

famous, nervous, ridiculous, carnivorous, herbivorous, porous, adventurous, courageous, outrageous, advantageous

We will be using activities and quizzes to check how you have done.

Useful information about adding -ous:

Usually, adding ‘ous’ changes a noun into an adjective, as in danger to

dangerous and there are conventions for the spellings:

• Words ending in ‘y’: delete the ‘y’ and add ‘ious’ (glory/glorious)

• Words ending in ‘ge’: do not drop the ‘e’(courage/courageous)

• Words ending in ‘ce’: drop the ‘e’ and add ‘ious’ (space/spacious

• Words ending in ‘our’: change to ‘or’ and add ‘ous’ (humour/



Keep working on the Years 3 and 4 spelling words. We will be checking how you are getting on with these words by using activities and quizzes.

spelling FUN.doc
2d Shape Mat.pdf


We are working on shape at the moment. Why not spend time looking around you for different shapes. How many different ones can you find in the world around you?

You could draw and label a picture using as many different 2D shapes as you can. Try to not just use squares, triangles, circles and rectangles.

Please continue working on your times tables this week.

This maths knowledge will really help you with different maths areas at school and in life. Please keep practicing!

We will continue using times tables activities next week to check how you are doing.


Please continue to work on the times table you need to learn next.

This is a good order to work through:

  • 2s, 5s, 10s,...... 3s, 4s, 8s, ........ 6s, 7s, 9s, 11s, 12s.
  • There are fun action songs for the times tables on the BBC Super Movers page. See below.

Times Tables - 1 - 12.pptx


Please read every day and have a comment added in your reading diary. You can add your own comment if you read on your own.

If you read on your own, please remember to read to an adult or older brother or sister once a week and discuss what you have read.

Please bring your reading diary to school every day at the moment so that you can write comments after you have read in class.