Puffins Class Homework

Thank you to everyone who handed in their reading diaries and apostrophe homework. And well done to those of you who worked on your Lexia levels at home.

Homework is given out on Thursdays and is due in on the following Wednesday.

Homework Thursday 11th October, 2018

  • Reading diaries handed in on, and Spelling and Maths work to be completed by Wednesday 17th October.
  • Iron Age Topic Take Home Project to be completed by Wednesday 7th November.

Iron Age Take Home Project

Year 4 Iron Age Topic Homework 11.10.18.docx


Please read every day and have a comment added in your reading diary. You can add your own comment if you read on your own.

If you read on your own, please remember to read to an adult or older brother or sister once a week and discuss what you have read.

Please bring your reading diary to school every day at the moment so that you can write comments after you have read in class.


You have another 2 tasks on MyMaths this week. Please ask if you need any help with this.

Please keep up with your tasks each week so you it helps practice your maths skills each week and also avoids a long list of tasks building up. If you are having trouble being able to do your maths work, please tell one of the adults in class.


You have some spellings work on this week. You have all been given a sheet with these on but they are attached below if you need another copy.

Miss Scott's Group: Homophones. ( Word which sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings.

Mrs Venus' (Mrs Gartland's Group): Spellings from your word list (all beginning with C).

Spellings for Miss Scott's GroupThursday 11th October.docx
Spellings for Mrs Venus' Group 11th October.docx