Barn Owls teacher: Ms Sharon Cliff Barn Owls teaching assistant: Mrs. Sharon Powell

Snowy Owls teacher: Mrs. Corina Gamble Snowy Owls teaching assistant: Mrs. Tash Green

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Woodland days: Wednesday 15th May

Wednesday 12th June

Wednesday 19th June

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Term 5


From bean to beanstalk... then mini beasts and creepy crawlies!

Mysterious beanstalks have appeared in our classrooms, and messages keep appearing in the mornings. Magic hens appear then disappear into the clouds. Story telling, magic and science merge in our interesting continuation of the Growing learning journey.

We plant beans and seeds and learn how to help them grow. Discussions around plant growing are taking a scientific turn, while our imaginations grow through story telling around Jack and The Beanstalk.

We are exploring different versions of the story, communicate with the giant in the clouds and negotiate our turn at the hen that lays golden eggs...

Next, we will examine caterpillar life cycle, and hope to release our own butterflies in the garden created when we planted our seeds.

Sharing "magic" beans (halving even numbers - we discuss, collaborate and learn from each other)

Sharing "magic" beans (halving even numbers - we take turns to record our findings)

Maypole practice - we are learning to skip to the beat

Term 4


When we were babies... and now!

We start this large topic by looking at pictures of ourselves as babies, and comparing the things we could do then, to all the skills and knowledge we have now.

We learn about what babies need to grow, such as milk and food, love, baby clothes...

We are working on time related vocabulary: "Then and now" writing helps us think about our lives as well as measuring time.

We moved to baby animals of every sort, with lots of learning about their life, needs and growing. We played baby animal names and adult animal matching games and did a lot of weighing and measuring of grains, liquids and other animal foods.

To connect it all at the end, we had a Mother's day celebration class assembly, where the children presented a toughtful piece of drama based on the Owl Babies story.

Baby animals at play

Animal feed

"I love my mummy"

Mother's day assembly

Lamb at school


Working together to create that band sound!


More saucepan beats

Term 3

Winter and Dinosaurs


After the extraordinary event of discovering dinosaur footprints in our classrooms, a couple of dinosaur nests and finally, two enormous eggs, we decided to investigate this situation more closely.

We are now talking about the wonderful world of Dinosaurs, and trying to make sense of a time which is incredibly exciting, but almost beyond imagining on a time line.

We have a range of Dinosaur stories, but we are mostly using and and learning about non-fiction books, and how these can be used to learn about new things.

Chinese New Year

We took a short break from Dinosaurs to celebrate this winter Festival!

In the Chinese Restaurants - taking orders and celebrating

Design, cut and make chinese stick puppets

We scare the dragon with our sounds!

Snow finally arrived, so we built a snowman!

Nature's outdoors classroom was very generous this week. Playing in the snow, we discovered that building snowmen and playing in snow makes us warmer than we thought. However, making snow angels can make us very wet, even though the snow felt dry and fluffy at the time!

Dino Girl and her giant friends from the Travelling Natural History Museum


Our favourite raptor!

Amazing teeth give us clues about dinosaurs

Paleontologists in action

Dinosaur stilts - can we balance?

We have become paleontologists, carefully brushing dust off fossil rocks, measuring, matching and sorting dinosaurs and bones. We also create music, rhythms and dances to help us remember our learning.

A very large egg appeared overnight!

We brush gently, examine and measure the dinosaurs in the dens we made of blocks, to find out more about them.


Although we didn't have much snow, our Winter topic was a huge opportunity for learning and fun!

We explored ice - even though from the freezer- and talked about all the seasonal changes. We saw some amazing frost crystals, and investigated ice under the digital microscope.

The children used some amazing language to describe their thoughts about winter. They created winter tree drawings, and discussed snowmen - in the great hope they might get to make some!

As a culmination of our learning, we wrote winter class poems, did winter themed weaving and lots more writing.

Key texts this term: Poems

Cold from Shirley Hughes: "Out and About"

Winter Trees from Nicola Davies: "A First Book of Nature"

Exploring ice

Ice through a digital microscope

Term 3 PE - Gymnastics

This term, we are learning to travel in different ways across a space, using gymnastics skills and equipment.

Finding different ways to travel, climb and jump using gym equipment

One of the elves left us a Christmas tree before he went off to help at the North Pole!

Christmas - nativity music

Term 2


We spend this term learning about ways to celebrate special occasions, at home and abroad. We started with Halloween and Bonfire night, and will go on exploring the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali, followed by Christmas!

Key stories:

Room on the Broom

The Guy Fawkes story

Ravana, Sita and Rama

The Elves and the Shoemaker

The Nativity Story

We are looking at ways different people celebrate events special to themselves, their lives and cultures. The children will learn to understand what we have in common as families, and communities, as well as the different ways in which people around the world celebrate things that are special to them.

The learning journey will culminate in our work around Christmas, and the Nativity play!

NSPCC fundraising event

For their challenge, the children created a Fireworks dance and played a Guy Fawkes and the Guards game

Enjoy the clips below!

Fireworks dance.MOV
Guy Fawkes and the soldiers

Term 1 mini gallery

click on the photo to see more

Term 1

We are learning about autumn and seasonal changes, through stories, visits and cooking activities: porridge, apple crumble, bread.

We explored autumn vegetables, fruit leaves.

Key stories:

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The Little Red Hen

The Prickly Hedgehog

Pumpkin Soup

We made porridge and tasted it, then continued to experiment in the mud kitchen. We made apple crumble and tasted it.

Making porridge in the mud kitchen

Footsteps in the crunchy, brown leaves

Harvest Festival - we are proud of our first assembly!

First days at school!

A very warm welcome to our first group today! It is a big day for children and adults alike. We had some fun, and started to create friendships, routines and to understand how school life works.

We hope that the photos will be starting points for your children to tell you more about their day.

Every day, we learn something new and at the moment, each day will be a little different. Below, a few words to help you, your child and us to make their day as smooth and happy as possible.

Arriving at school

Families are welcome into the class, on the first couple of days. If your child is having school dinner, please read the menu with them, and help them make a choice by putting their name in the correct pot (main, vegetarian or jacket potato). These pots are near the door. Also, help them hang their belongings on their hooks, and put book bags in the large boxes at the bottom of their tray units.

Finally, help your child settle down to a game or activity, and have a little play before leaving saying good bye.

On Thursday, (and each time there is a new group) please say good-bye to your child at the door, as they will know what to do. This way, there will be space for each group of new children to have their parents in the classroom, and help being settled in. We and our teaching assistants will continue to help all the children get in and ready for the day.

Feel free to stay and talk to us at the end of the day - but only after all the children have been reunited to their parents. This may involve a little waiting, but it is really important to make sure all the children feel looked after.


We have a number of children whose parents have not given photography consent, and others who have simply not completed the form. We will do our best to ensure none of these are included in photos of our class pages. The class teachers maintain the class pages - please let us (Miss Cliff and Mrs. Gamble) know as soon as possible if you see anything that you feel should not be published.

If you choose to give photo consent at a later date, please let the office have the consent form and let us know.

Cooking in our incredible new mud kitchen

Busy in the big playground

Big playground game

Busy in the big playground

Queing up for school dinners

Cutlery choices

Receiving our dinners

Eating together

The tyre challenge!

Mark making and imaginative play

Lunch together in the hall

First ever PE lesson

We played "Sticky bits" and took balancing challenges - it was great for listening to learn skills!

Big playground fun: "we are going to a wedding!"

Bean bag challenge!

Sizes and quantities - scooping up salt

Fun and self-challenge in the big playground