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Zip it! Block it! Flag it! e-safety explained...

posted 23 Nov 2015, 13:30 by Mr Evans
This Monday in assembly I talked to the children about e-safety, using the catchphrase 'Zip it! Block it! Flag it!'

'Zip it!'means keeping your personal information (name, address, phone numbers, photos...) safe and confidential. 

'Block it!' means using internet security tools to protect children from harmful/inappropriate/adult content and also to block communications from online bullies. 

'Flag it!' means a child should tell a trusted adult when someone is trying to bully them or a stranger tries to arrange to meet them. If you need persuading how dangerous it can be for a child to meet an online 'friend', look up the tragic case of Breck Bednar which has been back in the news just this week. 

If you look under the 'Safeguarding & e-safety' tab at the top of the page, you can see the e-safety PowerPoint that I used in the assembly. I have suggested to the children that they discuss this with parents at home so that our families can all be aware of e-safety. I strongly recommend that you spend some time looking at http://thinkuknow.co.uk/ which has lots more information and guidance: there are sections for children of all ages, and separate sections for parents and for teachers. I can't recommend it strongly enough. 

I have also been asked by one or two parents if the school can facilitate some training for parents on the subject of e-safety and we are indeed working on this too.