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Parking issues

posted 4 Oct 2015, 13:16 by Mr Evans
Parking continues to be a sensitive issue for the school and for many parents. I do understand how congested Harrisons Lane can be, but need to remind parents that the car park is for the use of staff and deliveries only. In exceptional cases we will issue a parking permit but unless we have done so, parents and carers should not use the car park please. I wish I could be more accommodating in this respect but like most schools we just do not have the space. 

Please allow plenty of time for your school journey so that you have time to find a suitable parking space and to park safely. We get particularly concerned when we hear of cars sometimes blocking pavements or being manoeuvered carelessly, so that pedestrians become worried for their children. 

From time to time I also receive complaints from neighbours concerning inconsiderate parking: this ranges from parking across driveways and leaving cars unattended so that residents cannot get out, to waiting in cars with loud music playing, which residents feel is antisocial. As a community school we really value the relationship we have with our neighbours and so I would ask all parents to do their bit by showing consideration for the Harrisons Lane residents.

You may have noticed that we are occasionally being supported by our Community Police Officer, PC Barden, who is monitoring the situation for us. In the next two to three months we also hope to have improvements carried out to the road markings on Harrisons Lane, with clearer zig zags outside the school, more yellow lines to control the traffic more effectively, and other measures. We also aim to repaint the zebra crossing inside the school entrance and works will be carried out to make the best use of our car park, including removal of the mini roundabout. All of these actions will help, but we will continue to rely on your support in making the school run safe for the children. Thank you!