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New Year Resolutions

posted 7 Jan 2016, 03:07 by Mr Evans
In assembly this week we looked at the idea of New Year resolutions. I asked the children if any of them knew an adult who has spoken about giving up chocolate, has embarked on a diet or has suddenly taken up jogging - plenty of hands went up as you can imagine!

I told them that I was one of these adults, and showed them my 'Fitbit' pedometer which I am using to motivate me to be more active. I asked the children to guess how many steps I had taken during the day and the guesses ranged from 2 (yes, 2!) to 200,000! The real answer was 5,000...

The point of all this was to show that our New Year resolutions are typically quite superficial, even if it is important that we feel a bit healthier and fitter. We then spoke about the possibility of resolving to give up grudges or bad feelings for others. We explored the idea of treating others as you would want to be treated yourself, using the Bible story of the unforgiving servant. You can find this in Matthew, Chapter 18 verses 23-34 if you want to explore it further. The story concerns a servant who owes the king lots of money, and the king forgives the debt. In turn, the servant is also owed a very small sum of money by another servant, but he refuses to forgive that debt, forgetting to be as kind as the king had been to him. The king, by the way, was not impressed!

The children were taken with this story and when given the opportunity, many of them wanted to come to the front of the assembly and to symbolically exchange a bad feeling they might have had for another person, for a pebble. We then threw the pebbles away! Whilst it's not always easy to show forgiveness and to 'move on', the children could clearly see the power of forgiveness. 

I will be following up on this theme in assemblies in the next week or two, so it may be something you'd like to explore with your children at home, too. 

Whatever your resolutions might be, good luck with them and Happy New Year!