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Events in Paris

posted 16 Nov 2015, 09:54 by Mr Evans

Like everyone else I was shocked and appalled by the atrocities in Paris on Friday. Being a Headteacher, I was soon reflecting on whether this might have an impact on the children and how we should approach it in school. I wanted you as parents to know about our response.

I acknowledged the massacre in my assembly this morning, which was for all children other than those in Reception. I think this was appropriate since it was a day of mourning across Europe and there was a minute’s siIence, which we observed in school. In the assembly I referred to the tragedy in Paris, but didn’t give any details: this way, if you have shielded the children from the detail, I won’t have undermined you. 

Is there anything else we could be doing? Here’s a start - to show our understanding that Islam is fundamentally a peaceful religion.  In Islam it is a sin to hurt or kill innocent people, whether or not they are Muslims. The massive majority of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the World observe this principle, even though there are evidently some who have radical ideas about how they should defend their faith. I wish I could explain the violence in Syria, Paris and elsewhere to myself, let alone to a child.  I can’t, but I do know that greater understanding can only help, so with this in mind please consider helping your child to find out a little more about Islam, possibly by looking at a child-friendly website such as this one:  http://www.islamkids.org/#  

Schools these days have a duty to promote traditional British values such as tolerance of others' faiths and beliefs, so even if there are people out there who don't show tolerance or understanding of others, I would like to think we can encourage our own children, or those in our care, to have those strong values. 

Thank you.