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Christmas Card competition through our new Member of Parliament

posted 15 Oct 2015, 08:16 by Mr Evans
Our new MP, Maria Caulfield, has written to invite all our children to enter a Christmas Card competition. Any children wanting to enter, should design a picture on the theme 'Christmas in Westminster' and make sure I have this by Thursday 5th November at the latest. Designs should be on A4 paper and can be portrait or landscape. Children could Google (other search engines are available!) 'Westminster' or 'Parliament' and this might give them some ideas. 

I will give a smelly sticker to the first child who tells me why 5th November is a special day for the Houses of Parliament, by the way!

Back to the competition...I will send all the entries to Mrs Caulfield and she will judge them alongside entries from other local schools. The winning design will be turned into her personal Christmas Card this year and will be sent to hundreds of important people, including the Prime Minister! 

I hope many children will have a go...it is a nice half term activity!

I am also arranging for a visit to the Houses of Parliament for the six Y6 children who put themselves up for the School Council election. It looks as if this visit will take place early in the New Year. School Council candidates...I will let you know very soon!